Monday, 29 June 2009

Why the Queen can do nothing to stop the EU from destroying our nation.

When people say that the Queen should stand up against politicians who have given away our sovereignty, (the mechanism to govern ourselves), and suggestions are made that what is happening is an act of treason, as have recently been made, may I remind them that it was Gordon Brown back in 2008 who placed the Queen is such a position that she had no choice but to sign away our sovereignty to the EU.

The Royal Family can do nothing to stop it now. It's worth going back to that story in order to understand why we are powerless to stop the destruction of the British Constitution, and why we are powerless to do anything about the horrendous pitfalls to come once we are converted into Europeans after the Irish say yes to the Lisbon Treaty, which it is widely believed they will.

Gordon Brown is the betrayor who signed away Great Britian as a nation in its own right. He signed away our culture, our liberties and forced the Queen into a position where she could not refuse. Never forget that, and I quote:

"Under a cloak of secrecy, the Government finally ratified the Lisbon Treaty earlier this week and committed the country to a new deluge of European meddling. In a sign of the Prime Minister’s personal embarrassment over the betrayal, the historic step was only made public yesterday – 24 hours after the covert ceremony had taken place"

"The instrument of ratification was signed by the Queen, who had no choice. Because Mr Brown had signed the treaty, she was constitutionally forced to follow suit".

This is the same Gordon Brown that said "It is not as though this is being imposed on our country. People will have the chance to put their views".
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