Monday, 8 June 2009

You're nothing better than fascists and dictators

Nikki Sinclair, UKIP's number 2 MEP in the West Midlands, was booed and jeered by LibLabCon supporters during her victory speech.

During her speech she criticised "the LibLabCon" for not allowing us a vote on the EU and told them there were "nothing better than fascists and dictators".

She is one scary woman!


Anonymous said...

I notice the propaganda outlets aren't showing this particular display this morning.

The only fascists in this country are the LibLabCon, their propaganda outlets and the 'anti-fascist league'/searchlight.

Steve Halden said...

Well said Nikki Sinclair !

The real fascists in this election are the treacherous snouts-in-the-trough Lib/Lab/Con.

Giving away our democratic control to the unelected dictatorial EU Commissioners.

We were promised a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty, but in the event we were not allowed to have our referendum.

We want our democracy back !