Friday, 24 July 2009

BBC Bias Clearly on View. Aunty shows her underskirt!

Did anyone see the BBC feature "What it means for Norwich"? It was pathetic. Lab, Con, Lib and the Greens all had their own write up, and at the very end, lumped in with the BNP and other also ran's, UKIP got the briefest mention in which they said "UKIP are still basking in the aftermath of their June euro election...." as if to say that we haven't moved on from there. In the Greens feature, the BBC says that, due to the economic climate, the Greens have little chance of winning, and the BBC devotes an entire 5 paragraphs to telling us how badly they expect the Greens will do, and yet UKIP who were tremendously successful increasing their lead election upon election got two paragraphs lumped in with the 'also rans' at the very end of the article. To me this article clearly shows a reluctance on the part of the BBC to give UKIP a fair share of reporting. One of many examples how BBC reporting of UKIP has been restrained to say the least. If ever there was evidence of bias in BBC reporting of UKIP, this article is surely a clear contender. Just to remind the BBC, the pecking order is as follows:

1/. Conservative 4,198,394 27.7,
2/. UK Independence Party 2,498,226 16.5,
3/. Labour 2,381,760 15.7,... Read More
4/. Liberal Democrats 2,080,613 13.7,
5/. Green Party 1,303,745 8.6
6/. Others


Fausty said...

The BBC was paying lip-service to giving minor parties a hearing. They favoured the Greens for the negative coverage because at least the Greens are lefties.

Isn't it time UKIP got its own internet radio show? It could interview famous UKIP supporters like Stuart Wheeler, etc.

Iain Dale's radio show isn't doing too badly.

Roy Norry said...

If anyone wants to fund UKIP Broadcasting I'd be happy to assist (26 years in local radio broadcasting as Presenter/Producer and founder of 3 community radio projects and one online community station). Just holler!

Vindico said...

Would be an excellent idea. Though probably easiest to start off as a podcast since interaction is likely to be low to start with.

I have tried to get one off the ground previously but never really had the time.

I would syndicate through

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