Thursday, 2 July 2009

EurActiv says 90% of Europeans are "far right"

EurActiv, a eurofederalist propaganda quango, has decided that UKIP is far right!

According to an article on their website titled "Far-right MEPs form group in European Parliament" they claim that UKIP and Legal Nord have formed a far right group in the EU imperial parliament.

It appears that the criteria in euroland for being "far right" is being opposed to EU integration and immigration policies and being in favour of returning sovereignty to member states. If this is the case, 90% of Europe must be "far right".

UKIP is right of centre, there's no denying that. There is nothing wrong with being right wing, it's just that the "right wing" label has been demonised by the left wing media and policial parties. Pumping out enough propaganda to convince the majority of the electorate that the far left nationalist socialist BNP is right wing (or "far right" as the left wing media likes to call them) has somewhat demonised right wing politics.

I'm bang on the centre line on the political compass but I do have plenty of right wing views and I'm quite happy to admit to being on the right. I'm also quite happy to admit being something of an evangelist for English nationalism. Being a right wing nationalist doesn't mean you're a racist, have a shaved head and swatika tattoo or eat kittens. It means you are proud of your country, have a strong national identity and would really rather not have 50% of your gross income taken off you to subsidise a vast socialist establishment (British or European).

Not only is UKIP and this new group the only effective voice of opposition to the whole European Empire, but whilst we are in it, they are the only mainstream right of centre group opposing a huge pan-European socialist alliance driving the marxist agenda of the British government.


Steve Halden said...

UKIP is a nonracist, libertarian centre party.

If we are to win seats in the British parliament at Westminster we must lose the right wing label.

It has been stuck on us by the liberal media.

The EU is unpopular with about 80% of the public.

UKIP is dead centre of public opinon.

UKIP is a centre party and now has many members that were formerly LibDem and Labour.

We must not let the liberal media spoil our electoral changes with this right wing label.

Bob Feal-martinez said...

I totally agree Steve. What we as a party must all so do is to highlight the distinction within the various parties, like stating at every opportunity that the BNP are a far left group.

Labour of course would not like this as it puts the BNP in their territory, but that is the reality.

Labels can be positive or harmful, we must make our centre status a positive message.

Huw Peach, Green Party said...

Steve, you said that UKIP is 'dead centre of public opinion'.

Would you say the same about UKIP's bizarre views on climate change?

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