Sunday, 19 July 2009

How can we expose David Cameron's hypocrisy on Europe and Immigration ?

The whole country is turning to the Conservatives, because they believe the Conservatives are tough on Europe and immigration.

How can we expose David Cameron's hypocrisy on the issues of Europe and immigraton.

The hypocrisy is that when you scratch the surface the Conservatives are in fact very soft on the issues of Europe and immigration.

How can we expose David Cameron's hypocrisy ?


ukipwebmaster said...

Tribal views are the hardest to break, it's what they call cognitive dissonance. The established parties rely on this to keep them where they are.
You can lead a horse to water but even if they are dehydrated you can't make them drink unfortunately.

andromedios said...

Cyprus July of 1974 URGENT: to the unions of R.A.F. discharged officers

Fausty said...

The next few months are all we have before the Lisbon Treaty is ratified, and we lose our country.

The time to do something about it is now! Cameron's EU policies are so fudged, most die-hard Tories are just hoping that Cameron will be eurosceptic. They're not holding his feet to the fire.

UKIP needs to hold Cameron's feet to the fire. Force him to articulate his EU stance.

Most people are eurosceptic but I'm willing to bet that most of them would be shocked at what Lisbon will mean to their lives 5, 10, 15 years down the line.

I doubt many could list more than three serious problems with the Lisbon Treaty.

Bob Feal-martinez said...

Fausty, you may well be right but surely that is the Eurosceptic movements, including UKIP's fault, we have banged on about 'Immigration, Immigration, Immigration' for so long it is beginning to sound like the 'boy crying wolf'.

Even though now we have the evidence in the latest ONS employment report, what has UKIP done to get the message out there that 431000 UK born workers lost their job in the first quarter of this year, whereas non UK born employment went up 129000.

There is still something seriously wrong with UKIP's media machine, we keep missing the messages that matter. That is not just the fault of HQ but many branches and Regions. Mine in the SW is as guilty, I noted on our site that a 'live' news section from Trevor Colman hadn't been updated for 63 days.

AProlefrom1984 said...

ukipwebmaster has intelligently summarised all that is wrong with the British political system. Until people start to think for themselves, nothing would change. How else do you explain the fact that parties with policies supported by 99% of the population only garner about 10% of the vote at every general election.

Steve Halden said...

The Conservatives are very keen for Turkey to join the European Union.

So it is a matter of:-


ukipwebmaster said...

Vote Conservative Get Turkey - I like it. We should use that in our literature.

Bob Feal-martinez said...

The potential for allegations of racism if such a comment appeared on out literature would be very damaging to the party.

Steve Halden said...

The Conservatives sound tough on Europe, and tough on immigration.

If this hypocrisy is not exposed they will win the 2010 election by giving the voters a completely false impression of their policies.

Remember it was the Conservative Prime Minister Edward Heath that took us into the Common Market in the first place.

It was Conservative Prime Ministers Margaret Thatcher, and John Major that signed most of the EU Treaties.

After all that it is not now possible to start thinking of the Conservatives as a eurosceptic party.

It was actions of the Conservative Party in the past that got us into this mess.

Stephanie said...

I was at a UKIP meeting last night where one man said he had been introduced to the Tory PPC for his area. She asked if she could count on his vote and he said "I will only vote Conservative when Cameron guarantees us a vote on leaving the EU." She didn't answer him - just turned her back and walked away. This is important because Tory PPCs are not allowed to talk about the EU and we have to expose this at every opportunity, especially in public situations so that others start to realise how hollow their euroscepticism really is.

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