Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Proposed Smoking Ban Provokes call for Civil Disobedience

MEP Godfrey Bloom has mooted that 'Civil Disobedience' would be an option he wouldn't dismiss over the new EU proposed blanket smoking ban. ( Story Here )

I've seen reports that say Landlords are down 15% income thanks to the smoking ban already in existence and jobsworth council employed snoopers spying on 'offenders' with a view to prosecution. Godfrey Bloom quotes that 6 pubs a day are closing in the UK. They can't make a profit with high taxes, costly regulations, the credit crunch, breweries obsessed with their own profit and the smoking ban. Put them together and it's no wonder so many pubs are closing.

Now the dictators who imposed that situation on us want to make it worse so that you can't even smoke in a beer garden, a park, an open air concert or one of those lean-to smoking shelters without incurring the wrath of the courts. This is just one stark example of how the EU legislates and then legislates yet again in order to get what they want, that being to run your life for you and thwart any opposition by inventing more legal directives; and look how you will have no say or appeal if you're punished by the EU courts, and how you may be imprisoned for objecting strongly enough without leave to arrange your defence and kept in jail for as long as they think fit.

This all sounds like the ramblings of a mad man doesn't it. The real scarey part is that it's all true. I can't help hearing the voice of Private Fraser in Dads Army. "We're Doomed". I wonder what Captain Mainwaring would have said about handing Great Britain's justice system and civil liberties over to the EU dictatorship in Brussels.

I say again, because it's important, that this blanket smoking ban proposal is just one example of how our liberties are being taken away, and there are hundreds if not thousands more, some already enforced, others in the pipe line. That's why I say that this is just the tip of the iceberg.

None smokers will poo poo this story no doubt because they perhaps agree with the EU stance, but let's see how they react when the next EU directive takes away some of their personal liberties, which they will do without doubt sooner or later.

Some would say the EU already has stripped us of many liberties but some folks haven't spotted it yet. That will be because those folks are either apathetic, anaesthetised by decades of the two party ping pong politics and spin, or they are in denial. More likely the public has been kept so much in the dark by our own politicians and media over Europe and the EU Commission's true intentions and indeed achievements so far, that they didn't notice the creation of a self appointed, unelected and unaccountable dictatorial monster going on, and no matter if you smoke or not, this passive poison of dictatorship from Brussels is affecting us negatively already with the loss of independence of Great Britain, the loss of liberties, the dismantling of our culture and so much more.
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