Monday, 27 July 2009

UKIP Gain Two New Cllrs in Wales

As of this morning we have two new Cllrs in Wales. As UKIP Wale's representation and message grows, two popular Independent councillors on Merthyr County Borough council have decided that UKIP is the most suitable national party to represent the needs of their constituents.

Cllr Adam Brown is the first non Labour councillor ever to be elected to represent the uncompromising well known Gurnos estate in Merthyr. Jock Greer is councillor for Penydarren ward. The pair are preparing to take their one cabinet and one scrutiny committee seats on the former Labour stronghold council.

They look forward to meeting you all at the party conference in September.


Steve Halden said...

Excellent News !

But we must keep up momentum.

More letters.

More leaflets.

More campaigning.

As per the call to arms by the party chairman Paul Nuttall MEP.

Fausty said...

.. more blogging, more commenting, more social networking.

Yes, it is excellent news.

HolidaysForFun said...

What are "Cllrs". Is that a welsh name a for a Councilor?

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