Wednesday, 8 July 2009

When Will the Penny Drop ?

According to a poll published today, 84% of the CON-servative party's membership (of those asked) want a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty... Interestingly, 60% wish such a referendum to also question the basis for Britain's continuing involvement/ membership of the Draconian EU.

I wonder for whom the penny will drop first - the CON-servative party's pro-EU leadership, or its members? Let us hope that it is the latter...


Bob Feal-martinez said...

According to a local Tory PPC this survey wasn't of the membership it was actually of PPC's and MP's.

This of course is far worse for Cameron, 84% of his future Government disagree with his stance. He is looking remarkably vulnerable over Europe, lets hope our Leadership are aware of this.

We should make hay now, not wait.

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