Thursday, 27 August 2009

Aer Lingus expect Ryanair takeover bid

Earlier today we reported that Ryanair boss, Micheal O'Leary, has decided to support the EU not-a-constitution less than 12 months after comparing the European Empire to Zimbabwe for refusing to accept the democratic wishes of the Irish people and complaining about EU bureaucracy.

His support for the EU not-a-constitution has attracted criticism on the Irish Times message board but I'm sure he'll be cheered up by the news that Aer Lingus can't compete with low cost airlines and is expecting a takeover offer from Ryanair.

Lucky he changed his mind about the EU not-a-constitution and decided to support the Irish and EU governments otherwise they might not have looked too favourably on any potential takeover when it came in front of their respective competition commissions.

Wait a minute, you don't suppose there was an ulterior motive do you?


ukipwebmaster said...

On 27 June, 2007 he 'slammed the European Commission's plan to veto the budget airline's attempt to take over Aer Lingus.'

And on October 19, 2008:

"It seems that only in the European Union, Ireland and Zimbabwe you are forced to vote twice," O’Leary said on a visit to Brussels last week. "The vote should be respected. It is the only democratic thing to do."

So what's changed???????

: said...

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