Tuesday, 4 August 2009

British Fish for British Fishermen

Almost all the best fishing grounds in the European Union, are in what used to be called British territorial waters.

But when we entered the so call Common Market in 1972, we passed full control of our fisheries over to Europe.

This move gradually destroyed the British fishing industry.

Quota hopping was made legal. Meaning that foreign boats could register in Britain, and then claim part of the fishing quota reserved for British fishing boats.

Much of the North Sea has now been over fished, pushing many popular types of fish to the brink of extinction.

The only was to preserve fish stocks, and rebuild the British fishing industry is to take back control of our territorial waters from the European Union.

If UKIP stands for anything, it must stand for "British Fish for British Fishermen."


Anonymous said...


And there is something each and every one of us can do about it.

Douglas Carswell has initiated an "open source" collaboration, which anyone can add to - the idea being to formulate a list of laws to repeal.

Go to the site and add a bill which you believe should be repealed, giving your reasons.

Douglas will seek to table the Great Repeal Bill in the HoC - possibly next session.

Steve Halden said...


Thank you for you commemts Fausty.

That sounds like a good idea, to try to get some powers back from Europe.

But the EU will not easily give back powers to the nation states.

To my memory no powers that have once been given to the EU, have ever been handed back to the nation states.

It is a one way street.

Powers can be passed over to the EU, but there is no mechanism for getting any of those powers back again.

Steve Halden said...

"In Europe but not Governed by Europe"

The Conservative Party has many policy ideas about getting various powers back from the EU.

But this is easier said than done.

To my knowlede the EU has never given any powers back to the nation state.

It is a one way street.

And the Conservatives have not explained the mechanism that they will use, to get powers returned to the nation states.

Anonymous said...

You're probably right, Steve.

However, this government has given up far more to the EU than other member states and there must be some leeway allowing us to repeal/amend some laws, implemented by the despotic Labour government, which were needlessly enacted.

Steve Halden said...


Of course you are right!

If your campaigning along with the work of Douglas Carswell can repeal any bad laws from British Law, then I will support you all the way.

Good luck in your campaign Fausty, and I hope people wiil support you.

Steve Halden said...

If anyone would like to read more about Fausty's campaign then click on the blue underlined passage in his posting, and this will take you straignt through to the website.