Thursday, 6 August 2009

Media Coverage of the Irish Referendum ( Mark II)

... I don't think that it requires a great deal of imagination (or healthy cynicism?) to infer what the implications of this rather 'low-key' announcement will entail...?


Bob Feal-martinez said...

This is really quite appalling. It is blatantly clear that it is the intention of to stifle debate and shut the no camp up.

UKIP and other NO to Lisbon Groups must let the Irish know loud and clear that they are being conned. State censorship is condemned by the EU in non EU states, will they allow this. Of course they will.

Fausty said...

Bob that's true. But this could be a double-edged sword if there are sufficient numbers of media outlets who favour a No vote.

Failing that, we'll just have to work harder to ensure that the No camp gets its message across via blogs and newspaper comments.

Steve Halden said...


The average voter does not study newspapers and politics deeply.

Ordinary people just watch the TV and get their information from the news programmes.

The EU knows this and are determined to keep the no vote speakers of the air.

This is clearly a method to win a "Yes Vote" by fair means or foul.

Liz said...

I wouldn't underestimate the average voter, not now, not ever, they're not as daft as you'd think. Whatever happens with the good people involved they have a bloody nasty fight on their hands and the very fact we have to fight them shows again their inability to listen to the public nor to solve problems diplomatically

HairyChestnuts said...

This article doesn't make sense. The first paragraph states that the media will not be required to give equal coverage. Yet later paragraphs that explain the guidelines clearly state that they will.

Fausty said...

Steve, many people do fit that profile (my hubby included).

All the more reason why we should take to the forums and comment pages in droves.

Sure, the politically aloof don't read those pages, but those that do, know those that don't and can spread the message.

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