Wednesday, 5 August 2009


Following on from the recent success for UKIP in the European elections, a number of UKIP activists in Coventry have been inspired to set up a branch in the city.

After a successful and well attended meeting in the Biggin Hall Hotel on Monday 3rd August 2009, the branch was successfully set up and local UKIP activists, Martin Judge and Aaron Davies were elected as the main branch officers. Martin is the new Coventry branch chairman and Aaron has become the joint treasurer and secretary. The next branch meeting has been set for Monday 21st September, once again in the Biggin Hall Hotel which is close to the city centre and is ideal for members to get to.

Martin Judge said "we already have a number of plans for the branch and are really looking forward to getting going". Aaron Davies, who is a new member of UKIP, said "we are hoping to make our first full meeting in September a joint planning meeting and a social gathering for the members to get to know each other".

West Midlands UKIP representatives, Jill Seymour and Derek Bennett were present to help with procedures, questions, and the new branch set up. Jill Seymour, who from September will be fully active in her new roll as a UKIP organiser in the area, was delighted with the progress made in Coventry which is in the part of the West Midlands she will be covering in her new roll for the party.

Derek Bennett, who assisted with the paperwork and had liaised with the local members was especially pleased with progress as the new branch has already got two fully approved Parliamentary candidates who are: Joanne Asselman and Mark Taylor (pictured).

He said: “Coventry has three Parliamentary constituencies and having two candidates ready and waiting gives a great boost to the new branch, the added bonus is both are high quality candidates and are a real asset to the party,”. all we need now is a third candidate for the final constituency to have full representation in Coventry”

The new branch has now been registered as an official UKIP branch and UKIP will be ready to fight a full campaign in the City when Gordon Brown finally has the guts to call the long overdue general election.


Bloggers4UKIP said...

Great news , this is the third new branch this week then ! the other two where Thurrock and Basildon and the Forest of Dean.

Steve Halden said...

Good Luck Coventry !

The EU Elections 2009 have given UKIP a huge boost.

But we must keep up the momentum.

We have to stay in the news with more letters, more leaflets, and more campaigning.

Anonymous said...

Coventry Branch now has its 3rd candidate, me. Chris Forbes FRAS.

Warner Carter said...

I wouldn't go out of my way to eat here, but it can definitely satisfy a craving for those living around Coventry. The place was also very empty on a weekend evening... so no waiting. Taxi Coventry to London

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