Thursday, 20 August 2009

Two months to the 2nd Irish referendum

It is now only two months until the Irish people get their second vote on the EU not-a-Constitution.

The European Empire has given no end of superficial promises to the Irish government, none of which are binding and none of which would come into force - if they ever did - until the next Ascension Treaty in a year or two. They're less promises of opt-outs and more promises of an intention to give an opt-out in the future depending on whether they agree with the opt-out at the time. In other words, utterly worthless because we all know that the European Empire doesn't give up power, it only ever takes more.

Nigel Farage has pledged UKIP's support for the Irish no campaign and many UKIP MEPs and members are planning to go over to the Republic and provide practical support. Our future independence lies in the hands of the Irish at the moment - the EU not-a-Constitution will remove most of what is left of our sovereignty - so it's right to get involved but I wonder if too much involvement might have the opposite effect of making the Irish people see UKIP's involvement as some sort of neo-colonialism, the old imperial masters trying to flex their muscle with their former colony?

We know who the imperialists are because we are a eurosceptic nation, we know the European Empire costs us huge sums of money and we have a successful eurosceptic movement in UKIP but the Irish don't have any of that. Billions of pounds of German, Dutch and English money has been ploughed into the Republic of Ireland in the last couple of decades giving the false impression of a sustainable economic growth thanks to the European Empire - in reality it's been a short term (relatively speaking) financial injection into the Irish economy as the Irish will find out when more money gets diverted to the virtually third world Eastern European member states.

So my advice to those UKIP members and supporters or any other eurosceptics that are planning to descend on the Republic of Ireland or flood the Irish media in protest at the EU not-a-Constitution is to go ahead and do so but make sure that you make it clear that we are not telling them what to do, merely asking for the urgent assistance of our closest neighbour in staving off the threat of the EU's soviet-style imperialism.


Animal Magic said...

I think you are wise to caution against UKIP or anyone else interfering in the Irish Referendum as such could seriously backfire. They must be left to make their own decisions.