Sunday, 20 September 2009

Cameron 'Spin'

Writing in the Observer, David Cameron attempts to woo Liberal Democrats into joining his Party and, in so doing, really does 'wear the jumper of deception' in 'pulling the wool over our eyes'.

"Instead of explaining what unites Conservatives and Liberal Democrats, he's trying to drive a wedge between us." - Of course Clegg is, Dumpkof, he is trying to get votes!

Discussing the 'Ghurka issue', Cameron writes: "We had different answers as to how best to repay those who had given our country so much, but we agreed the status quo was unacceptable, so we recognised it was best to work together, defeat the government and make them think again." No Mr. Cameron, you saw an 'opportunity' to jump on Joanna Lumley's 'bandwagon' - get some free publicity and a photo opportunity - and seized it with both hands!

Discussing the environment, Cameron fails to openly admit that his 'hands are tied' and that he cannot propose any 'radical' policy due to his subservience to Brussels and EU law; which is probably why he writes: "....we both believe that to secure our energy supplies and make them greener......"

For rank duplicity, this statement must take the prize: "For many years now, we've both been arguing for a radical power shift in our country away from big government and to individuals and communities." How the hell Cameron can write that when his is, at the same time, proposing that the United Kingdom remains a member of the most centralising, undemocratic, body that is the European Union?

Calling on Liberal Democrats to join with the Conservative Party, Cameron writes: "In truth, it is the bureaucratic, backward-looking, big state government that Labour epitomises" And the difference, Mr. Cameron, between 'the bureaucratic, backward-looking, big state government that Labour epitomises' and the 'bureaucratic, backward-looking, big-state government that the EU epitomises' - that you wish to remain a member of - is???

Methinks the man had not 'engaged brain' when he put 'pen to paper' or 'fingers to keyboard'. In fairness one supposes that he can be forgiven as it seems he also fails to 'engage brain' when speaking!


Steve Halden said...

Yes the Liberals and Conservatives should join together, because you could not get a cigarette paper between them on policy.

Then they should both join up with Labour, as their views are all so similar.

They could then call themselves the Lib/Lab/Con.