Friday, 18 September 2009

One defection and one election

UKIP has gained two more councillors over the past week or so - one in South Ribble and one in Shropshire.

A Conservative councillor for the Leyland ward of South Ribble, Councillor Dave Duxbury, defected from the eurofederalist Tories last week because he believes in withdrawal from the EU and small government while the Tories ... well, they don't!

Roger Smith has also been elected to Market Drayton Town Council in Shropshire bringing the total number of UKIP councillors in Market Drayton to three.


Anonymous said...

Excellent news! Might we expect more, as the Tories fail to satisfy the public with their "will not let matters rest there" non-statement?

Steve Halden said...

More good news for UKIP.

I think people are beginning to see that the Conservatives are in fact a very federalist party.