Sunday, 6 September 2009

A report in today's Sunday Telegraph, by Melissa Kite, suggests that the Conservative Party have a small headache developing.

"Party chiefs are struggling to prepare alternative policy blueprints to unveil to grassroots activists, as the mood in Ireland suggests the vote on October 2 could go either way."

What a surprise - not, that we then have Mark Francois repeating that well-worn line:

"But if the Lisbon Treaty is in force at the time of the next election then in our view political integration would have gone too far, the Treaty would lack democratic legitimacy in this country and we would not let matters rest there. Naturally, we will set out how we plan to take things forward in the manifesto we will put to the British people. We have also consistently made it clear that the restoration of our national control over social and employment legislation would be a major goal for a Conservative government."

One has to say that if Mark Francois had any sense of responsibility and principle he would want 'restoration of national control' over all matters and that that would be the policy of a Conservative government'!

But hey, lets be fair - he is a 'Conservative' MP!

Perhaps it is about time someone took the Conservative Party to court for 'misrepresentation' under the Trades Description Act!


Steve Halden said...

"We would not let matters rest there"

This is Conservative policy if the Lisbon Treaty is already ratified by the time the Conservatives come to power.

What do these words mean?

They are weasel words, carefully chosed to mean absolutely anything you want them to mean.