Saturday, 5 September 2009

What's dishonest about fighting fraud and incompetence?

Tim Montgomerie of ConservativeHome is back-pedalling over his public support for Nigel Farage's general election campaign against the Tory Speaker, John Bercow. Presumably someone at CCHQ reminded him of their special relationship and what happens to Conservative Party members that suggest UKIP aren't the spawn of satan.

Tim thinks that Farage is dishonest because he stood for re-election as an MEP 2 months ago and is now standing for election to Westminster. He contrasts this with 3 Tory MEPs who didn't stand for re-election because they were going to stand for election as an MP.

Firstly, you don't vote for a person in EU elections, you vote for a party. People in the South West euroregion that Farage represents voted for UKIP, not for Nigel Farage.

Secondly, Bercow was elected Speaker on 22nd June and the EU election was on 4th June. Farage is standing against Bercow because of his expenses fiddles and failure to do anything as Speaker to improve the reputation of propriety of the House of Commons. How could he have known back in April when the nominations for the EU elections had to be in, that Bercow would be elected Speaker and be crap at the job?

Interesting that there was no suggestion a fortnight ago on ConservativeHome that Councillor Denise Headley is in any way dishonest for being elected a Liebour councillor and then defecting to the Tories. Surely that's a little more "dishonest" than an MEP standing for election as an MP with the intention of unseating the crooked and ineffectual incumbent?