Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Czech Constitutional Court delays ruling on EU Constitution

The Czech Constitutional Court has delayed its judgement on whether the EU Constitution/Lisbon Treaty violates the Czech constitution until at least the 3rd of November.

According to the BBC, the Czech Constitutional Court has received more petitions in the last few days which may have had a bearing on the delay.

The Metro says that if the Czech Constitutional Court rules that the EU Constitution/Lisbon Treaty isn't incompatible with the Czech constitution it will be a blow to David Camoron's hopes of holding a referendum after the next election. The Tory Shadow Europe Minister (shouldn't that be EU Minister?), Mark Francois, once again refused to say what the Tories would do if the EU Constitution/Lisbon Treaty was already ratified by the time of the next election on Newsnight last night. The Tories - and David Camoron in particular - have no desire to hold a referendum, they're a eurofederalist party.

And will the regional administrators of the European Empire (or Presidents and Prime Ministers as they still like to quaintly call themselves) still be choosing their EU President and Foreign Minister despite them having no legal basis until the EU Constitution/Lisbon Treaty is ratified? Of course they will because the word "no" doesn't feature in the European Empire's vocabulary.

If the Czech Constitutional Court rules against the EU Constitution/Lisbon Treaty then they will instruct their Vichy government in the Czech Republic to change the law. If the Czech Constitutional Court finds in favour of the EU Constitution/Lisbon Treaty and Vaclav Klaus refuses to sign it then through their Vichy government they will engineer a coup against him and install a eurofederalist sockpuppet in his place who will sign it.


tapestry said...


Klaus appointed the prime minister himself. This a game of chess where Czech Mate will endlessly elude the EU.

You see pawns where castles and rooks are positioned. King Klaus will duck and dive. Cameron will get his referendum.

Anonymous said...

The EU Commission's mandate is set to run out on 31st October 2009 - a few days before the Czech constitutional court's ruling.

As you would expect, Barroso has extended his mandate, doubtless granted by the all powerful, undemocratic Commission.

Steve Halden said...

So the Chech Constitutional Court has delayed its decision until 3rd November 2009.

This gives Britain at least one more week of democracy.

When the Lisbon Treaty takes effect a large chunk of British sovereighty will pass over to the unelected commissioners in Brussels.