Thursday, 29 October 2009

Czech Republic given opt-out from EU Charter of Fundamental Rights

The European Empire has agreed to give the Czech Republic an opt-out from the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights in an attempt to back Vaclav Klaus into a corner and get his signature on the Lisbon Treaty.

Despite the Czech Constitutional Court still considering a legal challenge to the Lisbon Treaty, the meeting of EU leaders this week will be pressing ahead to decide who they will crown as President of the European Empire as if the result of the Czech Constitutional Court's decision is either a forgone conclusion or an irrelevance.

So if the European Empire is happy to "prejudice" the decision of the Czech Constitutional Court by openly discussing the appointment of an EU President, why won't Dave Camoron "prejudice" the decision by telling us what he's going to do when Vaclav Klaus signs the Lisbon Treaty and the EU Constitution is forced on us?