Monday, 26 October 2009

EU surveillance state: How the EU is watching you

Today, Open Europe published its report "How the EU is watching you: The rise of the surveillance state (PDF), covering:
Measures already in force include:
  • collection and storage of communications (email, 'phone, internet usage, etc.);
  • DNA and fingerprint sharing across the EU, in a massive database;
  • EU-wide ID card;
  • Mass surveillance;
  • Health information on citizens, being available to bureaucrats;
  • Making international agreements/treaties without recourse to 'sovereign' states (which would no longer be sovereign, should the Lisbon Treaty prevail).
What to expect next:
What will Cameron on have to say on the above? If he doesn't give us a referendum, we have a bleak future ahead of us - a totalitarian nightmare.



Steve Halden said...

More is less.

What annoys me is that we get more and more surveillance, but less and less law and order.

Softer and softer punishments are given to criminals.

It seems that all this surveillance is getting us nowhere.

Anonymous said...

Steve, call me cynical, but I believe increasing lawlessness is the means by which the ruling classes wish to persuade us that we need more surveillance.

Surveillance isn't intended to be the solution - it is the goal.

Prolem, reaction, solution.

Problem: lawlessness (which Labour fostered).

Reaction: "something must be done".

Solution: ever more surveillance, which was their goal, all along.