Friday, 30 October 2009

Hellesdon South East by-election

UKIP's John Youles contested the Hellesdon South East ward in a by-election for the first time on Thursday.

To gain 21.9% of the vote in the first time contesting the ward is a fantastic result. Liebour didn't even field a candidate - further evidence, if any was needed, that Liebour is a spent force.

Conservative: 287 (46.2%)
Lib Dim: 198 (31.8%)
UKIP: 136 (21.9%)

John Youles' election leaflet can be seen here.


ukipwebmaster said...

Congrats to John and thanks to bloggers4ukip for being a great source of information.
Hard work always pays off in the end

Steve Halden said...

22% is a very good result in an area not contested before.

My observation is that the leaflet needed more patriotic slogans.

People forget the words but remember the slogans.

It is time to pull up the drawbridge.

They would not forget that one in a hurry.