Saturday, 17 October 2009

Klaus capitulates

The Czech resident, Vaclav Klaus, has capitulated to the EUSSR, saying that it is only a matter of days or weeks until he has to sign the Lisbon Treaty/EU Constitution.

Once he has signed the Lisbon Treaty and it is ratified, a new country called the European Union will be created with its own president, foreign minister, diplomatic service, police force and military. And once it's signed, we will no longer be allowed to leave the European Empire without the unanimous agreement of every member state and a two year "cooling off" period.

There is only one way out now - to leave the EU. The Tory policy of "reform from within" is not an option, leaving the EU is the only way to remain an independent country. There will be no more EU treaties because no more treaties are needed - Lisbon is self-amending.

I only hope the Tories enjoy what little power will be left to national governments once Lisbon formally establishes the primacy of the EU government and that all those "eurosceptics" who put their party before their principles and voted for the LibLabCon can live with their consciences when President Bliar announces the loss of the UK's seat on the UN security council and the deployment of EU troops on our streets to supress dissent.

The only way to keep our independence is to leave the European Empire and the only way that's going to happen is with UKIP MPs in Westminster.


Fausty said...

This is dpressing news, if predictable.

I agree. We need a referendum on whether or not we remain in the EU.

UKIP should therefore be very careful as to whom it elects for the top job. We need someone with vision, passion, drive, integrity and grit - who can think on his feet.

I hope that keft-wingers who can't stomach voting UKIP will at least vote for one of the other smaller parties or independents.

Anyone who votes Labour needs his head read!

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