Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Local UKIP Politician takes on 116 mile charity run, for fallen comrades

Glenn Tingle, UKIP's Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Norwich North will be making a 116 mile charity run from the War Memorial in Norwich to the Houses of Parliament at Westminster, beginning on Friday 9th October at 10.00 am at City Hall, Norwich and being completed on Monday 12th October, when the House of Commons returns after its summer recess. Mr Tingle will be highlighting the need for the War Memorial to be renovated extensively and which he regards as a matter of urgency because of its dilapidated state.

Mr Tingle said: “This is not the way to respect our dead who gave up their lives defending this country”. He will also be raising money for the “Help for Heroes” charity, which supports service personnel wounded in Afghanistan and Iraq.

The idea came about when Mr Tingle was running in the recent Norwich North by-election, when he decided to run to London to take up his seat in Parliament, if he were elected. A keen marathon runner, Mr Tingle said: “Although I was not elected, the seed had been sown and I came up with the idea of doing the run anyway, to raise money for 'Help for Heroes' and the War Memorial in Norwich. As an ex-soldier myself, I want to do my bit for those who have made great sacrifices for this country.”

The run will take three full days and finish early on the 4th day when he will hand in a pre-printed sponsor form with EVERY MPs name on it inviting them to pledge a minimum of £100 each. This would generate around £65k. Mr Tingle added: “I think that its time our MPs showed their support for our brave men and women facing danger on a daily basis – and especially for those injured or killed – after all they, sent them there!”

Earlier this year, Mr Tingle ran the Genèva Marathon to raise money for Cancer Research. Anyone interested in sponsoring Glenn's Westminster charity run, should contact him on 07901-525052 or [email protected]


Steve Halden said...

I am pleased to see Glenn Tingle is still campaigning to win Norwich North.

The recent by-election made an excellent start to his General Election Campaign.

Times are changing. The Irish Yes vote has changed the landscape of British politics.

People now see how the EU threatens to end all democracy in Britain.

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