Thursday, 12 November 2009

The Albion Alliance: Cross-party independence alliance

The Albion Alliance was launched today, to bring together people from all parties who want a referendum on the EU.

Ian Parker-Joseph explains why we need the alliance:
Numerous opinion polls tell us that 70% of the voting public want a referendum on the EU.

Over the past 40 years Britain has been led, against the wishes of its people, into a political union by a discredited political elite without so much as a single vote on the issue from the public. The last time the public were consulted, in 1975, it was for a simple trading partnership called the EEC. No-one has agreed to a political union where the law of this land will be made by unelected officials in a far off land.

We believe that the forthcoming General Election should be the catalyst that forces that referendum. A referendum that simply asks the public:
“Should the United Kingdom remain in a political union with the other member states of the EU. Yes or No?”
In order to force this issue to the top of the agenda, not in another 5 years, but as a priority for any incoming government, we will be asking every PPC to unreservedly commit to putting the country before party by signing up to the principles laid out in this Albion Alliance.

We are not asking any PPC to abandon his or her own party, nor to set up a party in opposition, but to simply put the people whose votes they are asking for, and their country, before all else, irrespective of the Party Whip.

When they become a signatory to the Albion Alliance, they are pledging to force this referendum, they will be asked to carry the Albion Alliance logo on their campaign website and literature, so that you the voter will know that if you vote for this candidate, they have pledged to granting the public that all important voice on the future of these Islands, a United Kingdom, a land once known as Albion.

The public will then know when they are making that all important decision on who to vote for, a vote for a PPC who is pledged to the Albion Alliance means a candidate who is committed to a referendum, where we hope to find a majority of A.A. MP’s across all political parties once the election is over. Such an alliance would also consider policies that are likewise mutually compatable and can be agreed with the members.

I have already made that pledge, and I urge you to write to your current MP, and then to all the PPC’s intending to stand for election in your constituency urging them to make the pledge to the A.A., The Albion Alliance.

Thank you.
Ian Parker-Joseph
Leader, Libertarian Party UK & PPC Torfaen
Join the Albion Alliance.



Steve Halden said...

The Campaign for an Independent Briain aleady exists to allow people from different parties to campaign together against the European Union.

Libertarian said...

Why do we need yet ANOTHER organisation.

there is already the Campaign for an Independent Britain

The Freedom Association Better Off Out

Why don't the Libertarian Party and all the other anti EU democrats just join UKIP ?

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