Friday, 6 November 2009

Paul Nuttall resigns as party chairman

Paul Nuttall, UKIP's party chairman, has resigned from the post with effect from the election of the new party leader.

Paul was elected as an MEP for the North West of England euroregion and wants to concentrate on representing his constituents. UKIP MEPs are busier than most MEPs - not only are they working hard to try and make themselves and their colleageus redundant, but they also take their "constituency" duties seriously and spend an inordinate amount of time looking after the people that elected them.

Mr Nuttall said: “The most important thing in UKIP is the relationship between the leader and the chairman, and Nigel and I have had the best relationship you can imagine. We’ve been the most successful team the party has had.

“When a new leader comes in, they have the power to select the new chairman, and so I’ve decided to stand down to give them that chance.

“It gives me the chance to concentrate on fighting for the Bootle seat.”

Bloggers4UKIP : Speaking of which, the ballot papers have been sent out for the leadership election. If you haven't received yours in the next few days, be sure to get in touch with UKIP HQ.


Steve Halden said...

Paul Nuttall is a very good public speaker, and would have made a very good leader for UKIP.

I hope he will continue to use those skills to speak out on behalf of UKIP.

As the General Election Campaign 2010 gets under way, we will need all the good public speakers we can get.

Libertarian said...

What we want to know is WHY Paul has resigned.

He declined to run for leader as he was happy to do the job f Chairman he said. Now he say's he's too busy to be chairman.

So that's a leader, treasurer and chairman in the space of 6 weeks.

What's going on?

wonkotsane said...

Well the Chairman is an appointed post, the prerogative of the Leader. He said that he wanted to make sure the new Leader got a fresh start without baggage. He also said that he's got over 100 meetings booked over the next few months, perhaps he's realising now, as Nigel has done, that you can't be an MEP and run the party at the same time!