Thursday, 5 November 2009

Cameron's wishlist fails to impress Norfolk MEP

Norfolk farmer turned MEP, Stuart Agnew has described David Cameron's decision to withdraw the 'cast iron' commmitment he gave to a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty, as a "betrayal" of Britain and has accused the Tory leader of producing a "meaningless wish list" that is completely unrealistic.

Mr Agnew, who is one of the UKIP MEPs for the East of England said: "Mr Cameron has effectively allowed the President of the Czech Republic to decide the future of our country. His meek acceptance of the Lisbon Treaty following President Klaus becoming a signatory, is a betrayal not just of our country but of the many who voted for the Conservatives in June's European Election, believing them to be an EU-sceptic Party on the strength of their reform of the EU platform.

"As for his so-called future plans, they amount to a meaningless wish list which sounds good but has absolutely no grounding in reality. Mr Cameron in all his talk of a UK sovereignty bill, a referendum lock and trying to get powers back has forgotten that the European Court of Justice was created to ensure that member states implement the laws created by the unelected European Commission and would challenge his plans. He has also forgotten or does not understand that the EU has a rigid structure of treaties that cannot be unpicked and an acquis communautaire - a law book, to which all member states are bound. If David Cameron were on a cricket field, would he seriously expect the umpires to accept the proposition that Tory batsmen are exempt from the LBW rule?!!

"In his remarks today, Mr Cameron has clearly demonstrated that he will do absolutely nothing to rock the EU boat and that his Party is firmly committed to membership of the European Union, in perpetuity. There can be no further doubt that a vote for the Conservative Party is a vote for more Europe and more outside interference in the way our country is governed."


Steve Halden said...

David Cameron has promised to hold a referendum on any future EU Treaties.

But David Cameron knows full well that there will be not be any more EU Treaties.

The Lisbon Treaty was always going to be the very last treaty.

It was the treaty to end all treaties.

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