Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Dishonest Dave's new guarantees

David Camoron says the Tories will introduce a British Sovereignty Bill to guarantee (is that a "cast iron guarantee"?) the sovereignty of the British government and prevent any more powers going to the European Empire without a referendum.

Aside from the fact that the ratchet clauses in the Lisbon Treaty mean there won't be any more treaties to have a vote on, there are a couple of minor issues that Dave needs to come clean on:

  • Every EU member state needs to agree to the repatriation of powers from the EU that the British Sovereignty Bill will require and that isn't going to happen
  • If there's a conflict between an EU power grab and the British Sovereignty Act then the EU Courts have primacy over the UK "Supreme" Court and who will the EU's courts rule in favour of?

And when will Dave be asking for his "election manifesto" to renegotiate powers from the European Empire and introducing his British Sovereignty Bill?  Not the election next year, it will be in the Conservative Party manifesto for the election in 6 years time!

How much power do you think the European Empire will have accumulated by 2015 and what are the chances of their still being a British government to have elections for?  He must think we're all mugs.


Steve Halden said...

David Cameron has gone back on his cast iron promise to hold a referendum on the EU Treaty.

The British public can never trust a word David Cameron says, ever again.

St_Aubyn said...

We have been lead down the garden path by this host of charlatans. There remains a simple choice; vote UKIP and stand a chance of recovering our sovereignty or capitulate to whatever it is this undemocratic construct that is Europe have in store for us (and if then later we realise we don't like it I believe it could get very nasty indeed).