Thursday, 19 November 2009

Eurofederalists choose new puppets

The European Empire said it wanted an EU President that could stop traffic in foreign cities. They chose Herman van Rompuy.

What do you mean you don't know who he is? He's the prime minister of Belgium of course, whose greatest achievement thus far is managing to stay in the job for nearly 12 months (a real achievement for a Belgian prime minister this last couple of years). A real political heavyweight.

And then there's the EU Foreign Minister, who also serves as deputy president. They naturally wanted someone with a bit of pizazz, a natural world leader known and respected around the world. So it won't come as a surprise to learn that they have given that job to Baroness Ashton.

You mean you haven't heard of Baroness Ashton either? She was an official of the left wing wannabe terrorist group CND before being given a pretend peerage by Tony Bliar in 1999 for services to the Liebour Party. She then went on to be Leader of the House of Lords before No Mandate Brown handed her over to the EU to be the UK's EU Commissioner who then made her the EU Trade Commissioner. She has never stood for election in her entire political career.

Pointless people appointed to pointless jobs for a pointless criminal organisation. The sooner we are out of this mess the better. Come the revolution, Baroness Ashton's treason will make sure she's one of the first against the wall.

I wonder if it's possible to keep a peerage when you've declared your eternal loyalty to a foreign state (as the EU will become on 1st January) ...


Anonymous said...

God help us all. These appointments are utter lunacy, just like the EU and the Lisbon Treaty.

Not bad I suppose though if you're at the receiving end of tax-payer's cash for attending functions and smiling nicely.

The situation gets worse by the day but I'm getting more annoyed annoyed by the day - and so is the electorate

Viking said...

the only upside is that it keeps these incompetents occupied (like a drugged up rocker who has his guitar kept unplugged) so they can't do any real harm.

Fausty said...

The outrage is tempered (a bit) by the fact that Banana Boy and the Shameless Liar didn't get a look in.

They must be gutted.

The old Brown magic at work again.

Animal Magic said...

I read in the Times this morning that Rumpey Pumpey is a motorhome enthusiast. He can't be all bad then! I can stop the traffic with my motorhome, all I have to do is my usual 10 point turn.

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