Saturday, 21 November 2009

Lib Dims can keep stolen money

The sockpuppet Electoral Commission have told the Lib Dims that they can keep the £2.4m of stolen money donated to them by a convicted fraudster via an investment company he owned that doesn't trade in the UK.

The Lib Dims won't have to pay back the stolen money illegally donated to them because the Electoral Commission said that they acted in good faith and that the company, despite all the evidence to the contrary, fits the criteria of being registered trading in the UK.

Contrast this decision - being allowed to keep £2.4m of stolen money from a convicted fraudster - with the decision to confiscate £350k from UKIP because the donor, Alan Bown, was mysteriously taken off the electoral register without his knowledge at the time despite a judge having ruled that it was a genuine mistake and ordering UKIP to repay only a token amount of the donations.

The real mission of the Electoral Commission is not to regulate and reform the electoral process, but to maintain the pro-EU LibLabCon status quo.


Steve Halden said...

The difference between UKIP's case, and the Lib/Dem case, is that the LibDems are a pro-EU party.

While UKIP is an anti-EU party.

The courts are on the side of the Lib/Lab/Con.

The Lib/Lab/Con cannot beat UKIP at the ballot box, so they must try to beat us in the courts.

This shows how much the ruling liberal elite of the Lib/Lab/Con fear UKIP, at the next General Election in 2010.

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