Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Where, where, where, where's Danny?

Daniel Hannan MEP, the great scurge of the European Empire and the sole hope of eurosceptic Conservatives for a vaguely eurosceptic Tory voice in the European Conservatives and Reformists.

I wanted to talk to Dan Hannan's office today about something other than UKIP but could only find an email address and two postal addresses and phone numbers in Belgium and France.  So I phone Conservative Party HQ to get a number for his UK office only to find he doesn't have one.  "MEPs are based in Belgium so they don't have UK offices".

I pointed out that he represents about 5m people and the chances are, a lot of them aren't going to have access to email so how does one of his "constituents" get in touch with him if they need his help?  The answer I got was that as I have access to email I should email him and ask for a UK contact.  Genius.

Danny boy talks like a eurosceptic but he's already gone native.  UKIP MEPs have offices in the UK and spend most of their time in their "constituencies" and when they aren't in the country, they have a staffed office employing local people to field enquiries.


ukipwebmaster said...

The Bland leading the bland (Must Watch!)

Anonymous said...

Where is Danny? Probably wallowing in his wages paid for by the British tax-payer who still believes that their country is safe with HMG! God, please give me strength!

Anyone can talk the talk - but will they ever put their heart and their true British morals where their mouth is and do the decent thing?

I've yet to be convinced. The lucre of the filthy money and lifestyle seems to have taken over from what the British citizens are asking for.