Friday, 4 December 2009

Global warming a myth, a useful political device, says Václav Klaus

Václav Klaus declares global warming to be a useful political device for politicians.

Hat tip: EU Referendum



Steve Halden said...

There is a growing number of people that are becoming sceptical about the science behind the global warming theories.

There has been loads of warm periods followed by Ice Ages, and none of them were anything to do with human produced CO2.

Anonymous said...

... and thankfully, UKIP doesn't support these theories.

Libertarian said...

I warn you now, as we speak the Green Socialist cooling deniers are busily reinventing the narrative. It's now Co2 pollution not global warming. This way pesky things like temperatures that don't go the right way and science that can be disproved become irrelevant.

Everyone knows pollution is bad so you no longer need to prove it.

By the way any one know whay happened to the hole in the ozone layer?

Anonymous said...

Libertarian, CO2 pollution is an oxymoron and it would be moronic indeed for them to portray it as such.

The sceptics would be howling with derision as they patiently explain to the fools that CO2 is demonstrably beneficial to the planet.

I can't wait for them to start!

Anonymous said...

Good post from Mark:

Anonymous said...

Good post from Mark:

Libertarian said...


Too late it's official the EPA has declared CO2 a pollutant

Jo said...


Anonymous said...

Libertarian, thanks for the link.

I doubt this will gain traction because scientists can easily refute such spurious claims. There's plenty of data available.