Monday, 11 January 2010

Another Tory councillor defects to UKIP

News Release

11th January 2010

"The Conservative Party no longer represents real conservative values" says Ramsey Councillor as he defects to UKIP.
Cllr Andy Monk, who was elected as a Conservative to represent Ramsey on the Huntingdonshire District Council, has today (11th January) announced his defection to the UK Independence Party (UKIP).

Cllr Monk joins Cllr Peter Reeve, who won the double by-election for UKIP in July 2009 and represents Ramsey on the District Council as well as being a Cambridgeshire County Councillor.  They will now be establishing a UKIP Group on the Huntingdonshire District Council.

Cllr Monk says "I am very pleased to have joined UKIP.  Like many other Conservative members, I have agreed with UKIP on the key issues for many years. I really do feel that the current leadership of the Conservative Party no longer represents real conservative values and that local Conservative leaders do not allow their councillors the freedom to properly represent the local community.

"In contrast UKIP strongly champions the local community and is the real voice of local people. That is why I entered politics and it was because I promised to listen to local people that I was elected in April 2009 and it is why I have decided to join UKIP now."

UKIP Deputy Leader and MEP for the East of England, David Campbell-Bannerman said: "We are delighted that Cllr Monk has joined UKIP. Our political influence and support in Cambridgeshire is growing fast, as it is around the country because we are the only Party with real common sense policies.  We expect our councillors to work very hard for the local community and Andy has risen to the challenge. He joins a fast growing band of UKIP Councillors fighting to challenge the complacent career politicians who no longer listen to the ordinary man in the street."


Steve Halden said...

This is good news for UKIP.

It is difficult to know what the Conservatives stand for now, because they have been campaigning for a referendum for many years only to suddenly say that they are sorry but its too late now.

I want a referendum on the new EU Treaty.

A referendum was promimsed to the British people in the 2009 General Election by all parties, but one by one they have all gone back on their promises.

Only UKIP still promises a referendum on the EU.

Steve Halden said...

The Conservatives used to stand for moderate, middle of the road, common sense views, but not any longer.

The Conservative Party is now a federalist party that believes that Britain should be ruled by an EU Federal Government based in Brussels.

The Conservative Party nolonger speaks for the ordinary man in the street.

The Conservative Party is just the mouth piece for the unelected Commissioners in Brussel.

Steve Halden said...

I meant of say that it was in the 2005 General Election that all the political parties promised a referendum to the British voters.

Anonymous said...

Excellent news! May this be just the beginning.

Before long, the EU will seek to demonise UKIP the way it demonised the BNP and its supporters. We need to be vigilant and thwart all such attempts with vigour.