Thursday, 14 January 2010

Correction to the post below........

The facts are as follows:

1. Entry was made to Nikki Sinclaire's office on Tuesday morning by a party official.
2. An office junior was present who was distressed by the sudden, unannouced entry. 3. The party offical advised both Nikki and the office junior that they were acting on direct instructions of the NEC.
4. Items were removed from Nikki's office
5. The office junior telephoned Nikki's Brussels office to inform Nikki of the entry.
6. Nikki was not given any prior warning and no request was made to her to hand over any items of property.
6. Nikki made contact with the party official who had removed the items and they were then returned to the office.


Bob Feal-martinez said...

How could Niki be in two places at once.

Bob Feal-martinez said...

It seems that the UKIP Leadership are operating in their usual way. I have been banned, from posting on the site. One can only conclude the truth about Nikki is starting to hurt. They have put their 'paid' people up against me rather than having any courage at all, none of the usual people cautioning me etc, just a ban.

UKIP a democratic party.

pop said...

If we aren't out of the EU by the time of the next EU elections then UKIP are history anyway...

Nikki has time to achieve her ambition (getting the UK out of the EU).

I don't see UKIP doing *anything* to get us out of the EU... what are they doing as MEPs?

Fausty said...

Pop, why?

Surely, there'd be even more need for UKIP.

As MEPs, they're acting as our voice and ears.

pop said...

If we aren't out by then, it will show that the political system is so stitched up against the public that it can't work.

At that time UKIP will become like the Lib-Dems - a party that only exists to keep its employees in work and give its activists a hobby -- with absolutely no chance of power or influence.

If UKIP can't do it this time, then it can't be done, and new tactics will be required.

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