Friday, 15 January 2010

Daily Politics & Nikki Sinclair

Congratulations go to Nikki who despite the aggression shown her by the presenter and allowing Ian Dale to have a go at her she got her point across. She named names where she was allowed. Pointing out how Lord Pearson had given his assurance that she could remain within UKIP, she called upon him to show leadership by making a statement.

As an aside I have still not received a reply to the email I sent him.

The Guardian Associate Editor agree with Nikki that the some of groups within EFD were very extremist.

All in all despite the clear BBC agenda to put her down. I believe she has shown her commitment to UKIP. What was interesting once again, is that the NEC has not followed party rules with the actions they have taken. Let's wait to see them spin this.

I've put the daily politics link in the header, the interview should appear there soon.


Anonymous said...

I thought that she did very well, despite some proper questioning from the interviewer. She didn't slag off Farage, to her credit, and continued to support the party despite her crappy treatment.

Anonymous said...

I think this boils down to just one issue.
When she stood for MEP she agreed to the condition that she would be in the grouping in the EU parliament.
This she has gone back on, so Paul Nuttall had no choice but to take the action he did.
The issues on integrity and declaring one's past are just a sideshow.
I respect Nikki but I think she's went over the top on this quite unnecessarily and her timing couldn't have been worse.
It's done now, so time to move on.

Animal Magic said...

I wonder how much she actually knew about EFD and what she was agreeing to. Freedom & Democracy both sound good words to me. Nothing in their title about being homophobic or racist. It's only when you get to meet them that you find out what else they are about. Question is did the leadship know what they were joining?

Senior said...

As a person who was considering voting for UKIP at the next general election, I am not sure whether to vote for them or not in light of this week's revelations. If UKIP is the party of people like Nikki Sinclair who refuse to align with racists and homophobes, it has my votes. However, if UKIP is the party of people who think going against a pre-election agreement about partnerships is worse than refusing to align with racists and homophobes, there is absolutely no chance of me voting for it. I hope an official statement from UKIP will condemn those who oppose Nikki Sinclair's actions. They should be expelled for thinking that aligning with racists and homophobes isn't as bad as breaching a policy on partnerships.

Bob Feal-martinez said...

Nigel Farage certainly knew about the group at the centre of all this Lega Nord. He expelled them from the previous aligned group in the last EU parliament for their extremist views.

I agree that removing the whip from such a hard working and long standing member which will have little real effect in the EU but a huge impact on the West Midlands area, where Nikki has pledged a lot of funding. Now she can't do that as the NEC have removed her right to the use of UKIP materials.

Also once again the NEC have failed to follow the parties on Discipline procedure. Had they done so it would be almost certain that the discipline panel would have thrown out any further action against her.

Having the support an assurance of the Leader either means something or it doesn't.

markymark said...

EFD Platform states that
"Peoples and Nations of Europe have the right to protect their borders and

The Group rejects xenophobia, anti-Semitism and any other form of discrimination.

Group respects the freedom of its delegations and Members to vote as they see fit."

So Nikki is criticising a group that only exists in her mind.

On her own website, there is still a link for "Nigel must stay petition" [] - hardly the action of someone who thinks Nigel Farage was a poorly performing leader is it?

Her disappointment at not being voted leader of UKIP is understandable but she has to move on from this - think of the party in general.

Her timing is bad, her message is bad for UKIP - she has been selfish. She has publicly harmed the party.

She has misled the members about her commitments and bankruptcy - she can't now stand as a UKIP representative.

pop said...

Get real

I had never even heard of her until this kicked off.

In itself it will make no difference, because all those who know/care have already made up their minds.

If she is working to get us out of the EU I support her, if Farage is doing so I support him too, if there are fascists, communists, racists, sexists and islamists working to get us out of the EU I support all of them too.

I *am* worried that UKIP don't seem have anything to say about the election yet...

taskermax said...

If she can't use Ukip equipment and stationary etc. How the hell is she going to do her job of representing her constituents? I think by the reaction of especially Farage and Nutall it shows that they don't like being stood up to . Hell hath no fury that an Ego bruised.

Bob Feal-martinez said...

'The Group rejects xenophobia, anti-Semitism and any other form of discrimination.'

Saying it and meaning it as a pledge are two totally different things as we learned from the LibLabCon over Lisbon.

Lega Nord are a far right racist group which is why the Italian people voted them in. They are said to make the BNP look positively moderate, so why didn't Nigel invite the BNP?

And no that wasn't a srious suggestion for those who would twist every word.

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