Thursday, 7 January 2010

EU Commission taking legal action to protect 3.7% pay rises

The EU Commission is taking legal action against ... erm ... itself? National governments?  Nobody?  Not sure who but they're taking someone to court to overturn a decision by democratically elected (or half undemocratically appointed in our case) national governments to cap pay rises for EU officials at 1.85%.

The EU Commission says that it's illegal not to give them inflation-busting pay rises of 3.7% on top of their already obscene salaries and is asking the EU Court of Justice to rule as such.

There is little doubt that the EU Court of Injustice will rule in favour of the EU Commission because the judges, who are already on a salary of £215k, will be ruling on their own pay rises!  As Nigel Farage says, "it would not take Nostradamus to predict the result of this particular case".

It would be interesting to see what happened if an individual was to take their own legal action over this because the EU Court of Justice is not the independent tribunal guaranteed by the EU Convention on Human Rights.


Steve Halden said...

The European Union is not a truly democratic organisation.

This means that the EU Commissioners cannot be voted out, however much we might disagree with what they decide to do about any particular issue.

If they want to push for higher wages, there is absolutely nothing whatever that the voters of Europe can do, to show their displeasure.

These people are outside of normal democratic control.

This is what we signed up to, when Britain passed all those EU Treaties through our Westmister Parliament.

pop said...

A shame that UKIP aren't making this point clearly to the british people.

The EU is unaccountable - if is not about whether what they do is good or bad - it is the fact that we have 'taxation without representation' - we pay but we have no say.

When they do bad things it is clearer to everyone how disgraceful this lack of accountability is - it needs to be broadcast far and wide.