Monday, 11 January 2010

Exclusive: Nikki Sinclaire quits EFD group in EU Parliament

We have just had it confirmed that Nikki Sinclaire MEP has resigned from the Europe of Freedom & Democracy (EFD) group in the EU Parliament.

Nikki was uncomfortable with the EFD group from day one for understandable reasons. Some of the members of the EFD group are, if not homophobic, not exactly complimentary of homosexuality.

There are 27 countries in the European Empire and what may be considered unacceptable to most people in one country isn't necessarily considered unacceptable to most people in another country and in the case of some of UKIP's Eastern European partners in the EFD group, their views on homosexuality are a case in point.

I can fully understand Nikki's feelings on the group although it's a shame no compromise could be found that would have enabled her to stay in the EFD grouping with her fellow UKIP MEPs. I am sure she will continue to work for UKIP, for the country and most importantly, for the people in the West Midlands that voted for her to represent them in the EU Parliament.

Edit: Apologies for the post disappearing overnight, I assume it was deleted in error.


Steve Halden said...

What an idiot this Nikki Sinclaire is. UKIP is in the middle of its 2010 General Election Campaign.

And she starts rocking the boat by resigning from the group that UKIP belongs to in the European Parliament.

If there is one thing the voters hate it is a divided party.

This could cost UKIP a lot of votes in the 2010 General Election.

It was Robert Kilroy-Silk leaving the party just before the 2005 General Election that caused a split in the party.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I have only joined Ukip recently but what Niiki Sinclaire has done(and rightly so) has only served to confirm what I was seeing happening within the EDF grouping. If you read her resignation letter you will see it has come about because of the Racist and undemocratic views of some members of that grouping. Not only that it is clear to me and I sense many others that Mr Farage has his own agenda which includes these disreputable members. Yes it is election year. But I for one would not vote for,nor support any party that keeps such bad company.. Good on you Nikki..

Darren said...

As a UKIP member I wish to show my full support for this decision, I joined and support UKIP not EFD, if any of our mep's do not wish to sit in this group I will back them, as long as they stay and fight for UKIP and the UK

Anonymous said...

Those cretins in the other parties will want to blow this up out of all proportion.
Nikki, if you are reading this, please get a grip, keep mum, and let's attack the enemy.
Never forget the people who worked hard to put you in your position.
Don't blow it.

Director said...

UKIP is a libertarian- it should not be part of a group with homophobes. As the biggest party in the EDF UKIP should be asserting its authority and disciplining members of the group who are homophobic.

Anonymous said...

There's nothing Libertarian about UKIP at the moment.

Stasi maybe. As for Lord Pearson's video on free thinkers wanted what a laugh that's turning out to be

Anonymous said...

"Keep Mum". "Let's attack the enemy". Let's just focus on who the "Enemy"is! There is and old saying. "Evil flourishes,when good men do nothing". To keep "Mum" about a group that contains such blatant Racists and turn a blind eye to an ex-party leaders behavior smacks to me of something we have been telling the country that the major parties are guilty of. "Hypocrisy" How is it that we want to expose the faults of the EU but hide our own? Incredible!!

markymark said...

EFD Platform states that
"Peoples and Nations of Europe have the right to protect their borders and

The Group rejects xenophobia, anti-Semitism and any other form of discrimination.

Group respects the freedom of its delegations and Members to vote as they see fit."

Nikki Sinclaire is criticising a group that only exists in her mind, most certainly not the EFD group that really is.

She has to get over her disappointment of not being voted leader of UKIP.
Timing is bad, action is purile.

Greg_L-W. said...
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Greg_L-W. said...
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The Pub Consultancy Service said...

'Group respects the freedom of its delegations and Members to vote as they see fit."'

I suggest you read the agenda of the individual groups before criticising Nikki's actions, your comment above clearly indicates that collectively responsibility is not an issue for group members.

I am beginning to think that morality, integrity and truth is being sacrifice for personal gain, by some in this party as certain posts indicate.

Nikki is to be applauded for her actions. Voters in the country will see such an action, against the back drop of a politically system both here and in Europe which is morally bankrupt.

Any suggestion that Nikki is acting with anything other than integrity is demonstrating the moral bankruptcy of those concerned.

Steve Halden said...

Nikki Sinclaire may have done the right thing according to her own conscience.

I cannot comment as I dont know what all the EDF Group members stand for, and frankly nor does the British electorate.

Where I do criticise Nikki Sinclaire, is her timeing.

I have been campaigning really hard in Swindon for the last eight months and her actions of resigning from the EDF, will damage my campaign in Swindon, and the UKIP campaign nationally.

Steve Halden said...

Nikki Sinclaire should realise that we are not in this for personal glory.

UKIP members are all part of a team, working toward the common cause of getting Britain out of the European Union.

Nikki Sinclaire should stop acting like a tempestuous school girl.

Steve Halden said...

If Nikki Sinclaire carries on acting like this she could cause a split in the party.

Unknown said...

Surely everyone in UKIP wants out of the EU - if it means talking to people we don't like so be it.

If Nikki has advanced the cause of making our parliament soverign again then good, if she has damaged it bad - otherwise I don't give a monkeys.

UKIP MEPs maybe fighting a rear guard action trying to hold the EU at bay while we try to withdraw - but it is the withdrawal that really matters.

Anonymous said...

Nigel is apparently in a group that want's to further itself in the EU rather than withdraw!

The Pub Consultancy Service said...

taskermax's blog , absolutely correct. Perhaps if those who are so willing to criticise Nikki, from a position of ignorance could bother their 'a*rses' to do just a modicum of research they would not talk such rubbish.

Politics in the UK lacks integrity, no amount of trying to blame others 'if they' lose will alter an inevitability that some candidates will not stand a hope in hell's chance of winning.

Especially if they consistently ignore the advice/instructions of their branch Chairman, Committee and Regional Organiser.

Anonymous said...

By all means let's have 'integrity', but I sense that this is often used as a cover for ego. Meanwhile we've gone to hell in a handcart and 'integrity' isn't going to save us.

Steve Halden said...

This is a time to put personal ambition aside, an all work as a team.

We are in the middle of the biggest election campaign in the history of UKIP.

Everything we do and say must be for the good of the party.

Generally this means more hard work getting out there leafleting, and expalaining to the man in the street what has gone wrong with the European Union.

The EU is trying to destroy our parliament at Westminster, and repalce it with an EU federal government in Brussels.

This is the message that we need to get over to the man in the street, if UKIP is to win seats at the Westminster parliament in 2010.

Anonymous said...

The question that "Ukip" should be asking is. "Is UKIP, as a party, bigger than one man"? I am a recent member but I know my way around political circle's and the Internet.You don't have to be a rocket scientist to work out what is going on at the court of King Nigel. Even today I saw a bare faced lie given by him on TV. Lord Malcolm,IF he really is in charge needs to get a grip of things.

Anonymous said...

"Put personal ambition aside! Ha! Tell that to Farage.

markymark said...

Look it's quite simple.
Nikki Sinclaire did not get elected as leader, she got a small slice of the vote and has now decided to throw the toys out of the pram.

Her choice of timing for her spoilt action is terrible.

It's shows a person who is self-serving and selfish.

UKIP is made for better things than squabbles caused by huffy meps. Time to fight a GE TOGETHER as a party.

Anonymous said...

My God! it's like the Salem witch trials all over again.. If all Nikki has done is throw her toy's out of the pram then all I can say is Nigel must have a much bigger pram with much bigger toys.

Anonymous said...

If everything we do or say is for the good of the party. Now where have I heard that before??? I thought it was for the good of the electorate.

The Pub Consultancy Service said...

I simply cannot stand by and allow the hypocrisy of at least one poster.

Unity, unity working together, put aside personal ambitions, UKIP. What a joke that poster has virtually destroyed that in his own branch. that destruction is still very likely.

But of course it wasn't his fault, he was the only hard working UKIPer, 'in the village'.

Anonymous said...

I heard a whisper that the Tory's will be pulling out all the stops when it comes to protecting the speakers seat in Buckinghamshire. Cameron has bought a camper van.

Anonymous said...

Have listened to both side's now and then looked at the FACTS. The leadership. (and i leave out Lord Pearson) have become like the very institution they loathe.

Anonymous said...

So! What next? Having received a statement from the NEC regarding it's "Stitch up" of Nikki Sinclaire , Do we move on regardless? "Well you know she was never one of us" is what they seem to be saying. I thought wistle blowing was to be commended these day's.. At the very least there should be an investigation into her allegations. We all know that there won't be. "It will hurt the party". How can being honest and transparent hurt a party that has nothing to hide?
It is quite clear that Nikki is committed to the party. You don't spend 16 years of your life working for it if your not. Nor do you donate part of your salary either.. So WHAT has she discovered that has made her risk damaging the party she loves.. I suggest that only Mr Farage and his "Lackey's" know the answer to that.. But one thing you can be sure of. It will have something to do with
(a) Money (b) position (c) power
We all know that politics is a dirty game.. It all depends on how low you are prepared to go.
Maybe Ms Sinclaire has said "This far, and no further" while others in the party have disabled their conscience. The truth is that the rank and file members who work their socks off for the party don't deserve to patronized by those who have sacrificed principles for advancement..

And the Losers? Why,as always The British Pubilc..