Sunday, 3 January 2010

Shooting fish (with Goebellian harpoons)

For those of us currently campaigning hard for the status quo monopoly on the British airwaves to be revised, it comes as no surprise that in their 2010 European Union preview, the Bolshevik Bullshit Corporation show again how RIDICULOUSLY biased they have become in favour of the European Union.

What comes as a slight surprise is that the FIRST aspect of the issue mentioned is the EU’s role in global governance; but now that they have the fascist superstate, why not go for the mystery star prize, eh? Gavin Hewitt is obviously being coached, directly or indirectly by the same Alphaville-style technocrats that wrote Van Rompuy’s maiden speech. These people can’t be fucked to hide their crimes anymore – in fact they’ve begun to assume they don’t need to. Only the British people are to blame for the loss of their own sovereignty, and only the British people can prove or disprove the validity of the elite’s assumption as to their acquiescence. The majority of the people have never WANTED political union*, but now they’ve got it, can THEY be fucked to do something about it?

The SECOND point Mr. Hewitt makes is about “divisions within the union” and by this he is presumably talking about the petty squabbles between the far-left and the centre-left over how swiftly to accelerate their Soviet model agenda. These disputes – which you the taxpayer sponsor – iron out smaller details such as whether the elite need Turkey to help them or whether the rising Islamism there – and the prospect of sharing borders with some of the worst dictatorships in the Mideast – might prompt (finally) a negative public response.

THIRDLY, Hewitt babbles his way through what would normally be some sound concerns about the economy, but then sadly disposes of the final shreds of his respectability when he says that readers should expect the European Commission (a.k.a the unelected bureaucrats who recently completed the most recent stage of their ongoing power grab) to “enforce competition policy rigorously and to resist…protectionism”. One CANNOT regulate markets in order to make them free! And…ladies and gentlemen, I ask you PLEASE…..HOW is funnelling wealth into a (now visible) oligarchy whilst perpetrating mass theft and looting on the people NOT protectionist???

FURTHER outrages from Hewitt may well be deliberately designed to make the reader want to give up interest (and possibly hope) altogether: “Europe will continue to be anxious over its identity”. What a blatantly collectivist pro-EU lie! This is the kind of targeted, one-size-fits-all propaganda that ensures the stooges feel moralised, their patsies capitulate, and the ignorant masses abdicate their minds.

LASTLY, Hewitt concludes with: “Finally, how will we judge whether Europe is serious about managing the environment? My pick is the bluefin tuna. That may be the litmus test of how serious the EU is in protecting species under threat.”

No reference here of the Anthropogenic Climate Change fraud, or the carbon taxes and green financial frauds being carried out under its auspices…just some fucking fish.
It’s often been said that technocrats view people as ants, but now you know you’re more like fish in a barrel. You really must love getting shot to stay as quiet as you do.

* = Q: When was the last time that any people were the driving force in developing rational and ethical truths in Western politics?


Steve Halden said...

Wake up England!

The European Union is taking over you country.

Only UKIP is fighting for Britain's independence, all the other major parties want a federal Europe.

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