Wednesday, 20 January 2010

UKIP's Godfrey Bloom on Alex Jones Show Jan 2010

UKIP's Godfrey bloom talks to Alex Jones about  global government, the EU's corpus juris, common law, global warming, QUANGOs, Common Purpose, bankers, swine flu and Gordon Brown - amongst other things.

Bloom described Gordon Brown as "a dysfunctional individual", to which Jones added "there's something wrong with that man", "he's some kind of freak"!

Alex says of UKIP, "these guys have really got it right". Well, there's an endorsement!




幸運 said...


Steve Halden said...

Rule by the common law has gone from Britain, because we are now ruled through a system of quangos.

A quango is an unelected agency of the British government, and is not accountable to anyone for its actions, or for its mistakes.

DEFRA runs the farming world. The Financial Services Agency runs the business world.

There is no redress against these quangos, they can do virtually what they like.

The man in the street can do nothing to control the common purpose expansion of these quangos.

Steve Halden said...

The three major parties are all working towards a common purpose.

That common purpose is to the reduce democracy in Britain, and replace it with a system of unaccountable quangos and EU control of our lives.

Only UKIP promises to roll back this relentless attack on British democracy, and halt the common purpose policies of the three major parties.

ukipwebmaster said...

Godfrey's latest:

Steve Halden said...

The common purpose of the three major parties is the complete destruction of all Britain's democratic institutions.

UKIP is the only nonracist party fighting against common purpose.

Senior said...

I can't believe UKIP would want to be associated with 9/11 deniers like Alex Jones. UKIP owes all the relatives of 9/11 victims an apology. This is so out of order and disrespectful.

costin said...

UKIP, don't go that way. The moment you will asociate yourself with nuts like Alex Jones, you've lost my respect, and like me there are a lot.

Steve Fowler's Blog. said...

Alex wanted to interview elected UKIP members and could have refused if they wanted to. Don't blame UKIP for these interviews.

Also if Alex is a nut or lies.
Why is he gaining a big following of people who are reseaching what he put's out and finding out, that the USA is going the same way as Europe and Britain now!.

Fausty said...

Using your logic, Senior and Costin, UKIP should refuse to be interviewed by the Warmist Alarmist Propagandists (WAPs), the BBC.

Doesn't quite work, does it?

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