Sunday, 28 February 2010

Devious Dave's dishonest record

A heated discussion with two Tory activists on Twitter has prompted me to take a look at Cast Iron Dave's record on keeping promises.

He promised a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty/EU Constitution - a "cast iron guarantee" - and broke the promise.  Instead he's promised to "renegotiate" the UK's relationship with the European Empire - an empty promise as it requires the unanimous agreement of every member state which, as anyone with even the most basic understanding of how the European Empire works knows, is never going to happen.

He promised to stop MPs elected in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland from voting on English laws so they can't hide behind the fact that what they're doing doesn't affect their own constituents.  "For English-only legislation, we would have a sort of English grand committee" he said almost exactly a year ago to the day.  Now he says he will stop them from amending English laws but not from voting on them.  Another broken promise from Cast Iron Dave.

He told the Conservative Party Spring Conference this week that it was "Time for Change" but how can he promise change when the European Empire makes all the important decisions?  Tinkering round the edges doesn't constitute the kind of change he's promising.  Another broken promise from Devious Dave.

Cast Iron Dave is a dishonest man.  He has dumped the traditional Tory ideals of euroscepticism, libertarianism, personal responsibility and rolling back the state and instead adopted the Labour ideals of eurofederalism, authoritarianism and the nanny state.  All that's different is the colour of their ties.

Whether Gordon Brown or Devious Dave win the election makes no real difference to the vast majority of us.  The European Empire will continue to run the country while the Prime Minister exercises the role of a regional administrator, making local laws as long as they don't contradict the directives issued by their imperial masters.

Don't waste your vote on the LibLabCon in the general election, vote for the only party that can make a difference by withdrawing from the European Empire and restoring sovereignty to Westminster.


United Kingdom Independence Party said...

When is this to go live. It isn't in the Policy section yet.

United Kingdom Independence Party said...

When is this to go live. It isn't in the Policy section yet.

Anonymous said...

Red + blue = purple. Is it a coincidence that he wears a tie of that colour?

Might I suggest that all UKIPers regularly tweet this site to promote it?

Steve Halden said...

It is time for change. It is time for the Conservatives to change the policies they had last week, to the totally different policies they have this week.

This vacillation by David Cameron is worrying the voters.

It all started with his decision to back down in his cast iron promise to hold a referendum on the new EU Treaty.