Wednesday, 24 February 2010

EU ban on bendy bananas looks set to return

Good news!  The European Empire is going to save us, once again, from the scourge of bendy bananas and square strawberries.

It was only last year that our masters over the channel graciously allowed us to stop throwing away perfectly good food because it was the wrong shape and food bills fell by up to 40% as a result.  But now the imperial agriculture committee has decided that it's vitally important that we aren't exposed to horrifying culinary sights such as these:

Why the European Empire would think this is a sensible idea is beyond me, perhaps they're trying to deflect attention from the million metric tonnes of dead fish that are thrown back in the sea because of their quotas?

In other news, some brown people just south of Europe are a bit peckish:

Whatever your culture or politics, throwing away millions of tons of food because it's the wrong shape or size or because too much has been caught when a few thousand miles away, children are scratching round in the dirt for anything edible, is immoral.


Anonymous said...

Barroso needs straight shaped cucumbers shoved up his Euro-hole.

Anonymous said...

I suspect the ban has more to do with corporate profits (and tax thereon) than anything else. Bendy bananas take up more space.

Steve Halden said...

This could be a banana skin that causes the EU to slip on their own directive.