Thursday, 4 February 2010

Jill Seymour statement on NEC resignation

Back in October, the EU activist and Junius blogger, Greg Limp-Wrist, wrote one of his rambling anti-UKIP posts about Jill Seymour in which he made up a story about her resignation from the NEC.

Like most people, Jill doesn't bother reading the JEUnius blog and has only just seen the drivel Greg Limp-Wrist wrote but she has asked us to publish the following statement in response to it:
Simply, I shall be attending just 3 more meetings before the next NEC Election. I did not quit in disgust, it was in fact due to party rules that you cannot sit on the NEC if employed by a MEP. Regarding Mr West I did feel no candidate should have had a video exposed in the way it was and made my feelings known. Material matter on any candidate should always be treated with respect and sensitivity. We are not career politicians but people that care for this country. I do have a very personal view on many things within UKIP and have never always followed any one individual. I would also like it if he was so kind to note my name is Jill Seymour.


Bob Feal-martinez said...

GLW and Co never let the truth get in the way.

Greg L-W. said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Greg L-W. said...


it is understandable that Jill Seymour was elected to the NEC for all her faults rather than Shaun Parr whose only recourse when bereft of knowledge or facts is to resort to childish insults.

This is an official blog Stuart and YOU demean EUkip with your constant unfounded lies and insults.

Greg L-W.

wonkotsane said...

This is not an official blog you cretin. If you put half the energy into opposing your paymasters in the EU as you put into making up lies about anyone involved in UKIP and trying to undermine the party we might be getting somewhere but you won't will you because you have no interest in "cleaning up" UKIP as you falsely claim on the semi-literate work of fiction you call a blog.

As I've already said, keep commenting and I'll keep deleting. If you want to make up fantasy stories and libel people do it on your blog.

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