Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Two thirds want burkha ban

Once again UKIP is responding to the electorate's concerns and saying what the LibLabCon are too scared to say. Almost two thirds want the burkha banned in public, only UKIP will do what the electorate wants.
TWO out of three people believe burkhas should be banned in public, it was revealed last night.

A survey suggests that the veil, worn by some Muslim women, is unpopular in Britain with 64 per cent of people believing it should be illegal to wear it in public places like banks and airports.

And 61 per cent of the people polled also believe that schools should be allowed to prevent teachers wearing burkhas.
The figures from pollster ComRes come as a debate on whether to outlaw the veil is raging in France and Italy.
UK Independence Party MEP Nigel Farage said: “Most shopping centres forbid hoodies because they disguise the wearer. The Muslim veils are no different.”


Bob Feal-martinez said...

Let us not forget that in the Angus Reid Poll further down the page, whilst 67% agreed with this poll, bizarrely 58% went on to express that it wasn't for Government to ban clothing.

So it really isn't as clear cut as Nigel Farage wants people to believe.

Bob Feal-martinez said...

I would also add that 84% of the Country want a choice over the EU, but they won't be voting in a UKIP Government, sadly, any time soon.

DominicJ said...

I dont think the poll is that confusing.
People want banks, shopping centres, pubs, supermarkets, schools to have the right to refuse entry to people attempting to hide their identitity.

But they dont want a blanket ban enforced from on high, like the smoking ban.

Bob Feal-martinez said...

Bans are only necessary is people refuse to comply. The Muslim Council of Britain do not have a problem with the removal of the Veil in places where others are expected to uncover their faces, which they have said numerous times.

DominicJ said...

I would not feel comfortable requesting a veiled woman remove her veil in my pub or leave.

I may be wrong, but I'd be very worried about being arrested for religious discrimination

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