Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Defiant Nigel Farage apologises to bank clerks

After being censured and fined by the EU for attacking van Rompuy in the EP, Nigel Farage refuses to apologise to the EP, Belgium and van wotshisname - and instead apologises to bank clerks.

The charisma of the man McDoom must truly hate!

Hat tip: UKIPer, Paul Renfry

The charisma of a bank clerk - Nigel has a point! (Hat tip: UKIP TV):



Steve Halden said...

The President of Europe was not elected by democratic vote.

The democratic deficit has just got bigger.

We must attack this EU federal government at every opportunity.

Greg L-W. said...
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pop said...

It is absolutely deliberate that such a limp pair were installed as the first president and high representative.

It means the public can be lulled into a false sense of confidence that the posts don't really matter much, and lisbon is not so bad after all.

But when a more assertive pair take over and start tightening the noose (that our heads are already through) it will be too late.

The lobsters are being gently warmed, and are not stressed, but reaching boiling point is just a matter of time.

All that matters in the short term is making our own directly elected parliament supreme.

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