Thursday, 6 May 2010

Amusingly arrogant Tory

Most people involved in election campaigns have amusing stories and I think I've had more than my fair share this time.

Tuesday was putting posters up on a lampost outside David Wright MP's office and Labour activists walking out and haranguing me while I was up the lampost.  Yesterday was scaring David Cameron away from Telford.  Today it was my dad's story about the Tory canvasser who knocked his door ...
Tory: Can I speak to you for a moment?
Dad: Yes
Tory: Are you going to vote for them? [Points at UKIP poster in the window]
Dad: Yes
Tory: You're wasting your vote you know?
Dad: Why?
Tory: Only the Tories can win here
Dad: I don't care
Tory: Why are you going to vote for them? [Points at UKIP poster again]
Dad: Because I think they're the party that will represent me best
Tory: Well you're bloody stupid for wasting your vote then
Dad: Don't talk to me like that
Tory: Well you are
Dad: Piss off and don't come back
The Tory then crosses the road and knocks on the door of a neighbour.
[Much the same opening lines - dad's already convinced him to vote UKIP!]
Tory: The trouble with you lot round here is you haven't got the sense you were bloody born with
Neighbour: Get off my property and don't come back
The bit about them not having the sense they were born with was the most amusing part.  My dad is 6'5" and the neighbour is over 6ft tall and a body builder!