Tuesday, 8 June 2010

EU insists on vetting UK budget before parliament

The EU President, Herman van Humpy-Pumpy, was in Downing Street yesterday to tell David Camoron what he is and isn't allowed to do with the budget.

Make yourself at home President van Rompuy, sir.
Finance Ministers from other EU provinces have, according to the BBC, "moved closer to agreeing to allow other governments to study their annual budgets before they are seen by national parliaments". The UK government has apparently said no but the EUrocrats are saying that a compromise has been found which will be interesting to see because it is illegal to disclose the budget to the European Empire before it is presented to parliament.

Whether Camoron and Georgy Porgy cave in to the European Empire and break English law to satisfy the demands of their EU masters will be a good indication as to whether we can expect the ConDem government to honour their promise not to give any more power to the European Empire.  They have already broken their promise to repatriate powers from the European Empire so it doesn't look too promising, does it?