Sunday, 27 June 2010

Six of one, half a kilo of the other

It looks like the European Empire is going to ban the sale of food by numbers after useless MEPs voted against an amendment to a pointless and badly worded directive that would have allowed the imperial outposts to choose which products to exclude from regulations that force retailers to sell by weight or volume.

Under the Directive, the British government will no longer be able to allow retailers to sell eggs by the dozen, bread rolls by the half dozen or even have "buy one, get one free" promotional offers.  Instead, you'll have to buy eggs and bread by the kilo and the BOGOF offer on bottles of Coke at your supermarket will have to be changed to BTLGTLF (Buy two litres, get two litres free) - hardly trips off the tongue does it?

Any sensible government would tell the European Empire to buy one and get one free but of course the europhile ConDem coalition has come out with its usual weak posturing which is already the norm for its dealings with their masters on the continent.

Caroline Spelman, the Minister for the Environment, says that the Directive appears to go against common sense.  Appears to go against common sense.  Appears?  It entirely defies logic!

Syed Kamall, one of the Tory fifth columnist MEPs, says "In Britain, millions of pounds could be wasted by shops and bakers having to change packaging just to comply with a directive which nobody here asked for or voted for".  Well that's easily sorted Syed, give us a vote on membership of the EU or even just the referendum we were promised on the Lisbon Treaty, it's being changed after all which gives the British government the right to put it back through the ratification process again.

Except "Cast Iron" Dave doesn't want to give us the referendum he promised does he?  He's told the European Empire that as long as they don't change anything in the Lisbon Treaty that affects the UK he won't put it back in for ratification.  The only opportunity he is ever going to have to give us the referendum he promised and he's wriggled out of it once again.

This sort of ridiculous meddling by the European Empire is never going to stop, it's only going to get worse as they try to cement their control over us.  The only way to stop stupid Directives like this one is to leave the EU but the ConDem coalition isn't going to give us that choice.