Saturday, 14 August 2010

BNP membership figures

Nick Griffin has survived a vote of confidence as leader of the BNP.  This isn't the first time he's faced a challenge and it won't be the last but that's not the interesting thing about the story - it's the numbers involved.

Only 29% of the BNP membership bothered voting and Griffin got 995 votes.  His closest competitor got 214 votes which was just over 5% of the vote.  That means the BNP's membership stands at around 14,000, although the actual number of members is impossible to tell because the BNP offer family membership and include spouses and children in their membership numbers.

UKIP currently membership stands at over 17,000 and is rising.  Lib Dem membership was just 64,000 before the election and they have been hemorrhaging members since Nick Cleggover jumped into bed with Cast Iron Dave.