Friday, 3 September 2010

UKIP Hartlepool makes spoof application for EU grant

Hartlepool branch of UKIP made a spoof application to the Europe Direct EU propaganda quango for a grant to hold a celebration of European Day of Languages and was sent an email confirming that they were entitled to a £50 grant!

In addition to the £50 grant they were also offered free bunting, maps and books.

Europe Direct figured out for themselves that the application was suspect when Hartlepool branch members kept stalling them and have reported the branch to Durham County Council's "fair trading officer" (presumably the new name for trading standards) as a "seemingly scam applicant" and not at all out of spite for being made to look like idiots.

Hartlepool branch made the spoof application to highlight the willingness of the European Empire to hand over our money to all and sundry for propaganda purposes.  No money changed hands.