Thursday, 23 September 2010


Thanet Wind Farm

The opening of the world's largest wind farm off the Kent coast today has been described as "the environmentalists greatest con to date" by Nigel Farage the local UKIP MEP.

Windy Miller is going to be very rich
"The figures being pumped out by the Government and the BBC are utter fiction", he said.

"They claim that this £780 million chimera is expected to generate enough electricity to power 240,000 homes. Well it is expected only by the dishonest," he said.

"Looking at Vattenfall (the operator's) own figures give a lie to this. Wind Farms operate on average at about 26% capacity, at best, which in their own world would provide energy for maybe about 130,000 houses. But even this doesn't take into account night usage where the production goes to waste."

"Happily for the company though it will be picking up enormous subsidies for the production, of £40 million up front and approximately £60 million annually in Renewable Obligation Certificates (ROCs), taken direct from our bills as an undisclosed tax. Given that they claim (though the impact of sea salt on the precision machinery is not yet factored in), that these bird-slicers will stand for 20 years, they stand to make £1.2 billion. Enough to build a small nuclear plant," he went on.

The great scam continues, the press lap it up, and nobody seems to care that the taxpayer is short-changed, the climate is unaffected and Britain will not have the energy generation capacity vital for our future prosperity and welfare".

"21 so called Green jobs have been created. Possibly the most expensive jobs since Niel Armstrong stood on the Moon," said Farage.
Not to mention the fact that wind power is the most inefficient and expensive form of energy production there is and the windmills will never make enough money to cover the cost of building and operating them.