Wednesday, 13 October 2010

DCB and the politics of envy

During the leadership election hustings in Birmingham tonight David Campbell Bannerman said, more than once, that he was loyal to the party.  When all the candidates were asked if they would deal with the leader should they lose the election, DCB said once again that he was loyal to the party and would do whatever the leader asked of him.

So imagine everyone's surprise when Nigel got a phone call from the press office following the hustings telling him that the BBC had removed him from the panel on tomorrow's Question Time programme because David Campbell Bannerman had complained that they were giving him airtime during the leadership election.

Tomorrow's Question Time is about the huge new wind farm at Thanet which UKIP is opposing, not about the leadership election.  Nigel would have been to token anti-windmill panel member and was chosen ahead of a Green Party spokesman.  Now UKIP will be denied the publicity that Question Time always brings and the programme will probably go ahead without someone credible speaking out against the global warming scam.  So much for party loyalty.

But loyalty to members and the cause is more important than loyalty to the party and that's why DCB is even more out of order in making this petty complaint.  While the other candidates were chatting to members, listening to their views and giving them more detail on their campaigns, DCB was in the car park complaining to the BBC.

DCB started the hustings with a personal attack on Farage and finished with an attack on Farage.  Another own goal from Team DCB.
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